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Entering the APAC region with a solid ALGS Pro League Apex Legends roster
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Mar, 14, 2023
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Primis Komanda , a top tier APAC - South Pro league apex roster, is looking for an organization to represent for split 2 of ALGS pro league and further LAN events (Twitter Post ). The team is set to be one of the best teams in the region and will be competing for the top spot in APAC-S to qualify for the split 2 playoffs LAN happening at London and then to ALGS Championship that would mark the end of the competitive year (Summer 2023).


The team is a newly formed roster with global level talents from APAC-S.

StrafingFlame(Liquipedia) is the team IGL and has won the split 1 of pro league with his previous team . He qualified for split 1 playoffs LAN which happened at London in February 2023 , his team being the top seed from the region and is ready to win another split with this new roster that he has built . A very mechanical and knowledgeable player who knows what it takes to compete for the top.

EzFlash (Liquipedia) has always been considered as one of the best players in the region who has been carrying his team to consistent top 5 finishes in APAC-S. He has qualified for year 2 split 2 playoffs LAN in 2022 and also for the year 3 split 1 playoffs LAN this year. Having two players who qualified for the previous split 1 playoffs LAN , the team looks set to take a top spot in the region and qualify for the coming split 2 playoffs LAN and then the championship. EzFlash was also top fragger in the region with highest average damage per game during split 1 pro league .(EzFlash damage).

Buegy (Liquipedia) , as a third, rounds up the roster very well being a controller player who brings solid value when it comes to interactions and teamfights. Teaming up with two of the best players in the region, he is very hungry to show his actual potential.

The team recently played their first big tournament together and put up an insane performance ending 2nd place. (Tournament link) Each one of the players on the team is putting in insane grind to make sure the competition stands no chance against them!


  • Dominate split 2 of pro league in APAC-South and be the top seed from the region going to split 2 playoffs LAN at London
  • Perform at the split 2 playoffs and secure a spot in ALGS Championship
  • Do regular content and streams with all the players to grow the socials and build up a solid fanbase around the team

About ALGS and APAC-South -

  • APAC-South has shown solid growth in 2022-23 , the regional viewership numbers went from 2k average and 4k peak viewers during last season's second split to 6-7k average and 11-12k peak viewers during the new season's first split and these numbers are set to keep growing with time as the level of competition keeps improving and the overall apex fanbase in APAC keeps getting bigger .
  • At the split 1 playoffs LAN that happened February 2023 at London , APAC-S was the second best performing region after North America and it was fairly close considering APAC-S gets half number of spots than NA.
  • The LAN viewership for apex has been insane , the average being around 300k and peak around 700k viewers. Although being a relatively newer scene, it was ranked 7th highest esport viewership wise in 2022.
  • The yearly total prizepool for apex esports is 5,000,000 USD , 2 million usd goes to two playoffs LANs , 2 million is the prizepool of the algs championship and the rest 1 million is divided for different regional pro leagues. The prizepool of APAC-S pro league per split is 62,500 usd.

Split 2 Pro League

Split 2 Playoffs (LAN)

THE ASK- The team is looking for 2.2 eth per month budget which will include three players and a manager for a duration of 2 months which will cover the whole ALGS Pro league split 2 . The contract would then be extended to cover split 2 playoffs LAN once the team qualifies for it through the pro league and same for ALGS championship. The team will have a standard 85-15% prizepool split with the organization where 85% goes to the team.


  • The team is a highly impactful roster in a region where its easier to create an impact because of less big orgs being present than in regions like NA and EU that are already very stacked. The support for the team can be channeled by the organization to push social media numbers, merch, nft sales etc .

  • The team has players who have proven themselves in every league and tournament they have played recently . With the IGL that has won the region last split and the player who was the best fragger in the region during the last split , the chances of success during split 2 is very high that makes the project a low risk one for the organization. With that, blvkhvnd should be able to make it to a big LAN , the ALGS playoffs split 2 , and compete with top tier orgs from all over the world. LANs would also enable good potential sponsorship opportunities for the organization.

  • The project can unlock the whole APAC region for STADIUM to host good quality tournaments on apex , and if promoted well, will get the spotlight because of lack of good quality tournaments in the region.

  • Good quality content can be created around the team be it during pro league or during the LAN events. All the players are willing to stream and do regular content to make sure the org growth is steady and can also help massively with promoting merch, boosting nft sales etc.

  • With a team that can qualify for LANs consistently and be able to compete with the biggest T1 orgs for the global titles, chances of securing good sponsorships would be high.

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