What do these glasses symbolize?
To us, they symbolize a powerful new model
for collective creation.
A shared vision.
And a shared realization of that vision.
The seed of one idea.
And the infinite ideas that can grow from it.
From coming up together.
To taking over together.
We built Nouns Builder to proliferate this new model so anyone can build with it.
Because the old ways of doing great things together aren’t so great anymore.
What if…
Instead of relying on corporations,
we created together and relied on each other?
Instead of just creating short-term revenue,
we created lasting resonance?
Instead of trusting hidden systems,
we did everything openly onchain?
Instead of working together feeling like work,
it could feel like an endless jam session?
We built Nouns Builder
to make all of this more possible.
For any idea to become an invitation.
To create together.
Is Nouns Builder made by Nouns or by ZORA? Yes.
Nouns Builder exists in the spirit of co-creation.
We are part of Nouns and Nouns are a part of us.
Is Nouns Builder its own Nouns style DAO? Yes.
It’s called Builder DAO.
Our intention is to open more doors for
more people to help realize this vision together.
And it was important we actually use this tool to do it.
What will you do with it?