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Community Resident 3mo extension July Aug Sept 2023
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Jul, 3, 2023
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Community Resident (3mo. extension)

This proposal is for continuation of the BuilderDAO Community Resident (Prof Werder) for July, August, and September 2023.

BuilderDAO has had a great turnaround in the past two months. The hard work around community building by myself and Patti, plus Neokry and Zaak's efforts on the engineering side, have led to more active auctions, a significant number of new members, and more positive outlook on the future of the DAO.

Highlights from the past three months include:

  • FarCon sponsorship [Prop 51]: With this prop we sponsored the inaugural Farcaster Conference with three members attending and speaking on the DAO panel (Prof Werder, Derek G. Taylor of The Park and Billz of Purple). We are still awaiting the video of the panel. This was an amazing proliferation of BuilderDAO, leading to new members and greater awareness of the Nouns Builder platform.

  • Launched Builder Guild and began the governance process by utilizing Nerman in discord. This was officially implemented as part of [prop 59]. The Builder Guild meetings have been active and I look forward to more participation from Guild members. We also had a couple Guild members join BuilderDAO by purchasing their own token. Additional processes need to be implemented to ensure more active governance and we will need to start onboarding additional members of the guild this month.

  • Marketing Communications [Prop 57]:

    • Newsletter/Blog had been restarted and a Notion site with project updates has been created by Satori. Both will provide a better flow of information to members.

    • Animated gifs of Builder tokens are ongoing with new tokens during this two week period being created to help bring attention to the art. These animations will also be incorporated as stickers in discord and gifs that can be shared on twitter. In addition, Graphicography will be doing 28 others after these are finished and will do some creation live in discord.

  • Started utilizing the new Builder channel on Farcaster more and see this as a major opportunity to increase communication among DAO members. Greatly appreciate new BuilderDAO member DWR implementing BuilderDAO as one of the first channels. I noticed an increase in voting since that channel went live!

  • Started a weekly onboarding call on Thursdays at 4:30 in the discord. This has already provided a couple great conversations with new members and I look forward to this opportunity to chat with new members of BuilderDAO, new DAO founders and those with questions about launching a DAO on Nouns Builder.

  • Worked with Patti, Shahab and Zaak on Operations and will be continuing on the Ops team moving forward. (prop 58)

  • Fielded numerous inquiries about BuilderDAO and Nouns Builder via dm's.

Still in Progress:

  • Add Prop Lot as an idea generation temp check and location outside discord for discussions as another decentralized touchpoint.

    • I've been in touch with Adel and this is still a work in progress. I hope by the end of this 3 month period, that Prop Lot will be implemented and we'll move idea development and generation to that platform.
  • Design a DAO Incubator for nounish DAOs with the input of Builder Nouncil Reps.

    • It was determined by the Ops team that this should wait until the L2 implementation.
  • Work on utilizing BuilderBox content better via edited clips for social media and podcast content. And use this platform and others to highlight Nounish DAOs.

    • Need to get better with this. We have had some amazing guests and spaces but need to find time to then turn this into content that can be shared after spaces as a podcast and audio clips.

Looking ahead, in addition to maintenance of the discord and Twitter Spaces, I'll be focusing on the following:

  • Outreach to individual DAOs for incorporation into Builder Guild and overall increased communication.

  • Builder Guild development so that it becomes a self-sustaining org with less direction from me and admin team.

  • Increasing attendance at newly launched On-boarding sessions.

  • Exploring ways to better communicate the current infinite prop house round to reach the right participants and get activity going.

  • Search for additional opportunities for BuilderDAO exposure in media and events to continue the momentum from the FarCon and OPJ props.

  • Development of a DAO bootcamp once L2 DAOs are available.

  • Experiment with adding streaming on Unlonely to reach a Farcaster audience as well.

  • Onboard more members of BuilderDAO to Farcaster to increase the effectiveness of that communication channel.

The past couple months have brought more positive energy to the DAO and what we are doing is working! I am still passionate about BuilderDAO's mission found at:

Builder DAO is dedicated to the creation and development of free and accessible DAO infrastructure as a public good.

Continuing this as a north star moving forward, I believe we still have an opportunity for big impact.

Funding request remains the same as previous [prop 49]:

6 eth for the community resident for the three month period of July -- September. **Transaction: **

6 eth to: theNounishProf.eth: 0xCEEd9585854F12F81A0103861b83b995A64AD915

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