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Family Nouns DAO Proliferating For Generations
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Feb, 8, 2023
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A DAO building a community of Nounish families, and creating a family focused mobile and web app to drive engagement. This family DAO experience will make it super easy and fun to welcome families into Nouns to create Nounish things together. Using Nouns Builder, the DAO will bring together the community while funding the development of a family friendly platform for Nouns.

The overall vision for Family Nouns DAO is to proliferate Nouns and do good for families across the world at scale. 

This prop is to fund a new DAO with the remit to enable effective community engagement, build a family friendly front end, web and mobile app, as well as create characters and experiment in family friendly governance.




So families create together, have fun together, learn together, and most importantly proliferate together. Providing a family-friendly access point into Nouns. It will take generational change for Nouns to have its full impact, this prop starts to lay the foundations to bring in the next generation.

The fun, absurdity and accessibility of Nouns makes a rich, creative space for different ages to create with each other. Bringing families together with Family Nouns will benefit improved mental health, relationships, education, and reduced stress. Our goal is for families to have more fun, do more good, and spread more nounishness. And as a result, share the positive impacts with their friends, creating a positive self reinforcing loop.

“The best thing for me about Nouns is that my 9-year-old daughter is into it with me”.

We will make it easy for families to get involved in Nouns together, maintain motivation, and create a simple on-ramp into Nouns, community governance, and web3.

Public Goods & Proliferation

Nouns has the potential to bring hundreds of thousands of families to create together and in doing so, can generate significant social benefit.

The family is a massive subculture that we can activate in a significant way. Most families are already a bit nounish; they like to have fun and make the world better. We’ll make it easy to become fully noun-pilled.

Families are great proliferators. They tell other families. They play with each other and the meme spreads. Families and young Nounish creators also make for great stories. This is the Family Nouns flywheel.


The vision is for these kinds of stories to compound through network effects:

- A 12-year-old girl noun-pills her Dad, becomes the youngest member of Nouncil, is a fractional owner of a Noun with her Dad, and recently spoke on stage about Nouns in Australia.

- A Nounish professor convinces her teenage son to create a Nounish collection and work together with his mom! What teenager does that?

- A nounish dad co-creates all things Nounish with his 9-year-old daughter to the point that she enters The NounSquare contests on her own and releases her own AniNouns collection to the world.

We want to spread this Nounishness and bring in 100, 1,000, and 100,000 more nounish stories like these. We want to reach existing nounish families and those not yet familiar with Nouns and activate the family subculture.

The Challenge

It is currently difficult for families to create on Nouns because there isn’t an experience designed for parents and children. From our experience as parents wanting to bring our kids into nouns there are 3 key reasons:

1. Community experiences don’t work for the kids in our lives (twitter, discord, spaces etc)

- They don’t have a profile

- The content isn’t directed at them.

2. Finding and creating activities takes time

- Time poor families need it to be easy

3. When they don’t get feedback on their creations they aren’t motivated

- They want a place to share and people to care

Proposed Solution

Utilizing a DAO structure, we can collaboratively create the app and other tools needed to bring this community together. We will create a platform to nurture a community, build an app, and develop an ecosystem for nounish families to come together, create and share.

This will be provided through an app (web, iOS and Android), discord and socials (collectively the platform). The app will be the main point of participation. We will use socials to engage with parents and to share the families creations with the wider community.

The platform, focused on 4-12 year olds and their parents, will include the development of new activities, integrate existing Nounish family-friendly activities, and bring future activities into a single experience that builds a strong family-focused community.

To make the platform as accessible as possible we will focus on the nounish experience, not the technology. It will be a Web2 platform in the first instance, focused on ease of use and enjoyment. Web3 elements are on the roadmap, with the intention for users to be able to ‘bridge’ their assets onto a web3 chain.

The focus for this prop is to get the core experience working well and becoming sticky with the beta testers who we are nurturing as the early adopters and core community.


We will build a community of families creating together with Nouns. This will provide encouragement, fun, friendship, and support in the nounish family journey. Through this prop we will establish the early community of 50-100 families, some already nounish and some not-yet nounish, who will beta test the experience.

The Community will provide a place to do things together:

- Contests to create together and then share with the community, as well as collective efforts as a community

- Gamified ecosystem that rewards users for daily activities and community engagement with native tokens, POAPs, and leaderboards

- Creative ideas, thought out and prepared for busy families to easily start creating together. No fuss. No hassle. Just jump in. (“Family creative fun in a box”)

- Encouragement for families to get together and do stuff

- Activity collabs with other Nouns communities such as “baking cookies with Food Nouns”, "grind with Gnars"

The Community will provide a place for belonging:

- A natural place and way for families to gather together in this new world of a nounish journey

- A place to bring friends and families you know to share in the fun and creativity

- A place to potentially reach out to families facing challenges, bringing creativity and fun

We will explore standard options like Twitter and Discord, but will also seek to creatively use tools that are natural to web2 families ranging from email to IRL and everything in between. How we do this most effectively for families will be an experiment.

The core of the family experience will be the app which provides the space for families to find activities, share what they create and get positive feedback.


Build an app that enables families to find nounish activities and create and share together.


- A platform that brings together all nounish activities for families into one easy to use experience where families will be able to:

  - Make a family pfp and profile

    - Create a nounish pfp in-app, using traits that you earn for completing and sharing activities. Create a profile about your family and all your family members.

  - Do nounish creative activities, including:

    - Family Noggles Selfie

    - Nounish poem

    - Make an animal Noun

    - Nounish dress up

    - Create a story about today’s Noun

    - Collab coloring

    - Make family generative art

    - Create with Noundry

    - Noun cookie baking

    - etc etc etc

    - some example activities here

      - Activities will be pages on the app with instructions and links to resources

  - Share creations

    - Upload photos, share screen shots, or paste in text

  - Get rewarded with tokens

    - Tokens are non-monetary, an in-app “points” system.

  - View and like what everyone else has created

  - Take part in daily competitions (tokens as prizes)

  - See where you are on the leaderboard

  - Trade tokens for traits on your family pfp


2 Months from funding, using agile development in response to team and user feedback.

The app will initially be released for web, and will also be deployed on iOS and Android (we are building with Flutter which makes this straightforward with minimal cost)

App Brief


Commission artists in the community to produce three specific Nounish characters for the DAO to be used as assets in the app, and on socials and community platforms.


We will start to bring elements of governance to the family. That may not sound like fun, but think about the benefits and excitement of:

Tiny Grants- micro grants to lil builders (Imagine kids getting funded to build!)

Prop House- families creating ideas and building together to grow the DAO

Games like “How Would You Vote” to think and discuss….

We see this as a core part of building the community and engagement.

A note on safeguarding

We recognize that safeguards need to be in place when working with children and we take this seriously.

ChrisCoCreated, who is a core founder, runs a government-regulated care business in the UK, and has worked with vulnerable people for the past 20 years. It is something we have strong expertise in and is core to the way we are building.

Practically we are taking these steps in our initial release:

- All images and comments are pre-moderated by the core team before being visable on the app

- Strict moderation of discord by the core team

- All accounts are owned by an adult in the family. It is their responsibility to manage their children’s access


Family Nouns DAO is being founded by members of UglyDAO, passionate nounish builders with a significant track record in Nouns DAO.

Three active nounish families are the core of the team.

Core members of the Ugly Family:

Lead: ChrisCoCreated - social entrepreneur, builder, artist, Nouncillor, dad of Lil Turquoise Panda

ThaSwami - co-founder Alps DAO, builder, artist, dad and assistant to 13-year-old Nouncillor Little Purple Blueberry

Little Purple Blueberry - 13 year old nounish artist, web3 curious, Nouncillor

Prof Werder - entrepreneurship instructor, Nouncillor, builder, mom of WatercolorNouns


Bradq - onboarding & communication, community, Nouncillor, and all things telling your story better

Advisors and Contributors:

WatercolorNouns - 14 y/o nounish artist, co-founder of WatercolorNouns, Prop House contender

Lil Turquoise Panda - 10y/o nounish builder, co-creator of AniNouns

Other UglyDAO members brought in as needed with wide ranging expertise

Lead Dev - who works regularly with ChrisCoCreated and has developed similar apps for Chris care business.Care Business Example: video demo of app

Web3 example:

Note: We are in no way associated with FamilyDAO recently launched on builder.


For Phase 1 - MVP Funded by this proposal

To build Initial Product Release of the platform. An app experience which includes the first layer of activities. Build an early community of beta users. Develop characters, and experiment with governance.


10 ETH for App building

- Webapp, and iOS and Android ready (achieved by building with Flutter which transpiles across all platforms)

  - Provides a family friendly front end

- Core functionality:

  - User accounts

  - Share activity in the app and store in a database

  - Moderate posts

  - Collect tokens for sharing activity & likes received for your activity

  - In-app assets and tokens

15 ETH for User experience and community development (3 months)

- Nurturing the early community

- Gathering and managing user feedback

- Moderating & approving all posts in the app

- Commenting on all contributions (making sure everyone gets seen and acknowledged)

- Developing new activities

- Social media management

- Discord building

- Experiment with communication tools (including email, and alternatives to discord)

- Managing family governance

- Doing the the activities with the community

- Admin - metrics and reporting

90 days x 0.166 per day

(distributed across the core team of 6 - average 2.5 ETH for 15 days work)

2 ETH for Artist

- Creating Family Nouns characters, and assets and traits for use in the app

1 ETH Contest Prizes

- 0.5 ETH for Nouniverse contests with Extension projects such at Food Nouns, The Nounsquare, etc.

- 0.5 ETH for Twitter contests

1 ETH Governance Experiments

- 0.5 ETH TinyGrants

- 0.5 ETH PropHouse for Activities

Total: 29 ETH

Intended Funds distribution

App dev (10 ETH) will be paid 50% up front 50% on completion

User experience (15 ETH) will be paid through a monthly coordinape for the core team

Artist will be paid 50% up front 50% on completion

Governance and Prizes will be paid out as used


We will consider this phase of work on the DAO successful when:

- We have established initial product market fit

- We have a core engaged community regularly interacting with the app and community

- We have developed the infrastructure for a wide launch

- We have a wider community of family ‘guardians’ engaged and supportive

Future Plans

This first phase will have developed the infrastructure for a wide launch after beta. The next phase we will continue to onboard families and develop family activities in order to reach thousands of families.

We will continue to explore and build to activate the massive family subculture for the future.

As the project develops we will keep our eyes on the 100 year timespan of the Nouns DAO project. This is ultimately about bringing our children and their children into Nouns and web3.

Proposed Transactions