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Nouns Builder Onchain Data exploration by mfrs
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Feb, 15, 2023
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Increase onchain data availability to the Nouns Builder Protocol ecosystem by creating extensive Dune Dashboards for BuilderDAO, Nouns Builder Protocol and a general dashboard that subDAOs can plug in and fork to their needs.


Onchain data, while theoretically accessible to anyone, can be difficult for non-technical individuals to track and explore.

A massive advantage of the Nouns Builder protocol is everything is open, modular, and accessible for non-technical people to explore. We can build data tools that benefit Builder DAO, DAOs built on Builder, and the protocol as a whole to better understand itself as well as bring in more interest.

In this context, the following key deliverables will be created:

  • Dashboard for BuilderDAO
  • Dune dashboard with the major performance metrics of the DAO covering the auctions, governance, treasury, holders, etc…
  • Dashboard of the Nouns Builder Protocol
  • Dune dashboard with an overview of the Nouns Builder Protocol usage (number of DAOs, number of unique users, number of bids, treasury sizes, etc). This can double as a great marketing tool to attract new contributors to the ecosystem.
  • Modular dashboard for DAOs built on Builder
  • Dune dashboard where each DAO will input the DAO contract and get the major performance metrics of the DAO covering the auctions, governance and treasury. The dashboard can also be forkable and adapted by the DAO to its specific needs.

All of the Dune queries and dashboards will be public, open-source and its code can be forked and used by the community/subDAOs as needed.

There are Dune Dashboards that focus on Nouns Builder such as this or on DAOs created on Builder such as this (queries forked from Lil Nouns DAO queries). This examples demonstrate that there is further need for onchain data exploration that allows comprehensive insights of Nouns Builder ecosystem and DAOs created on Builder.



About mfrs:

Early member and contributor of Lil Nouns. Co-Lead of Lil Nouns Datapod (Lil Noun’s first pod), part of the Nouns Metrics team (winner selected for NounsDAO’s first Governance Mandate).

#7 most starred user on Dune

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