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Overpriced Jpegs Sponsorship
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Jun, 27, 2023
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tl:dr: An opportunity to sponsor the last stop on the OPJ Tour with Carly Reilly has been presented for the Los Angeles Tour stop on July 7 for 4eth, including mentions on the podcast and socials, reaching 65,000+ in the NFT/DAO space.

For those unfamiliar, Overpriced Jpegs is one of the most listened to/watched web3 podcasts, interviewing all of the top founders in the space, as well as others who are shaping this industry. Launched on the BanklessHQ platform, Overpriced Jpegs now boasts an average of 65,000 downloads a month on average plus extensive social media reach on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

This prop is to sponsor the last stop on the OPJ Tour which is a live taping of the podcast which is then broadcast as a show itself, shared on all socials, and discussed in the weekly newsletter. The guest for this last show is Betty, founder of DeadFellaz. It will put Nouns Builder and BuilderDAO in front of those who are most influential in the space.

This prop is for 4 eth which is a discounted rate and will include our branding both in person and online. We will also have a few tickets for BuilderDAO members to attend for those in the LA area. In addition, I’ll be sending some stickers, noggles and other merch to the event which will feature prominently in all of the content produced from the event.

I attended the events in Miami and this is a room we want to be in! I do think we would regret passing on this opportunity to drive this level of attention to Nouns Builder and BuilderDAO for a relatively small ask.

The Sponsorship package pdf is available in the discord.


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Northstar Check

Builder DAO is dedicated to the creation and development of free and accessible DAO infrastructure as a public good.

This proposal furthers that mission by putting BuilderDAO in front of thousands in the industry, introducing Builder to many for the first time. The exposure will be extensive and will live on in the content found in the podcast, YouTube and Twitter.

Treasury Impact

Impact is minimal as ask is for 4 eth total.


4eth to the Overpriced Jpegs business wallet at: 0x4dD9Eab412c8F27D9209F33Adab21431445B7739

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