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FarCon 2023 Sponsorship
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May, 16, 2023
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FarCon 2023 Sponsorship

tl:dr: Sponsorship for FarCon 2023, inaugural Farcaster conference June 10-11 in Boston, MA (USA), including a BuilderDAO panel.

4 eth request for Sponsorship of FarCon Farcaster conference, branded merch and assistance with travel expenses for 3 speakers for BuilderDAO panel.

FarCon is the first Farcaster focused conference (or unconference) bringing together web3 builders and thought leaders. As part of this conference, we will have an opportunity to share about BuilderDAO, including promoting initiatives such as hack week. Although this event will be a smaller conference, the expected audience is perfect for BuilderDAO. Scheduled panels include an L2 discussion with Base; OrangeDAO fireside chat; and a Farcaster nano hackathon.

learn more at:

From FarCon Fund site:

FarCon, like its namesake, aims to become sufficiently decentralized.

Ultimately, we want FarCon to be an experiential public good that facilitates a special kind of physical connection; to support and proliferate the digital ecosystem known as Farcaster.

That vision needs sweat and treasure to manifest both today and tomorrow.

We're solving for the sweat.

This fund solves for the treasure.

All funds will go towards the operations and support of FarCon 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts on June 10-11.**

Sponsorship will include a dedicated BuilderDAO panel to include the Community Resident, another resident or Zora representative to speak to the technical aspects, and a member of PurpleDAO, a nounish DAO focused on the Farcaster ecosystem. (Specific attendees will be confirmed once this proposal is passed. Discussions underway.)

In addition, Nouns Builder branded bags, pens and stickers will be distributed to the attendees. A sample was already created and is ready for order. It includes the Builder noggles and website. 1 eth will be budgeted for merch, with any extra items made available to BuilderDAO members. Total will be for items plus shipping. We'll also create a BuilderDAO branded POAP to distribute.

Remaining funds will help defer travel costs for the panelists for hotel and airfare.

Northstar Check

Builder DAO is dedicated to the creation and development of free and accessible DAO infrastructure as a public good.

Sponsoring a conference for Farcaster - also building as a public good - allows us an opportunity to get in front of some of the best builders in web3. The timing of this conference should align as a promotion opportunity for BuilderDAO's planned hack week and other initiatives. In addition, the content created and shared from the event provides an additional opportunity to proliferate Nouns Builder via social media. The funding request of 4 eth will have minimal impact on the treasury.

Funding request: 1 eth to Farcon.eth: 0x8f7387F58746C2993f08D6846F74B7542F6469De

3 eth to BuilderDAO.thenounishprof.eth 0xF83426084B93adCA5A3c8630032e007038823b4d to be distributed as follows: 1 eth for bags/merch for Farcon attendees; 2 eth to be split among panel participants to assist with travel expenses

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