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Ratification of Mission Vision Values for BuilderDAO
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Aug, 2, 2023
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Summary: This proposal seeks the ratification of the Mission, Vision, and Values statement for Builder DAO, which emphasizes the creation of DAO infrastructure as a public good, supporting the Builder Protocol, and fostering an innovative and collaborative DAO ecosystem. The proposal aims to solidify the DAO's direction and guide its actions towards the stated mission and vision.

Issue/Context: This proposal builds upon the foundation of Builder DAO and aims to provide clarity and alignment for the DAO's mission, vision, and values. By establishing a ratified statement, the DAO can ensure that its activities and initiatives are in line with its core principles.

Proposal: We propose the ratification of the following Mission/Vision/Values statement for Builder DAO:


Powering Onchain Communities.

The Builder DAO mission is to develop DAO infrastructure as a public good, enabling decentralized, inclusive, and transparent decision-making processes that empower onchain communities to shape their collective futures.


To maintain and expand the Builder Protocol while supporting the Builder DAO ecosystem

Maintaining and expanding the Builder Protocol:

We envision a future where the Builder Protocol serves as a robust and reliable foundation for DAOs. By maintaining and continuously improving the protocol, the aim is to provide a secure, efficient, and scalable framework that empowers individuals and communities to govern their resources and make collective decisions. With Builder DAO maintaining the protocol, other DAOs can focus on their communities without having to worry about the tech, which is built on a trusted foundation and maintained by a dedicated community. Through diligent stewardship and technical innovation, we strive to create a self-sustaining protocol that ensures the longevity and stability of the entire Builder DAO ecosystem.

Supporting the Builder DAO Ecosystem:

We envision a thriving DAO ecosystem, characterized by diverse and flourishing decentralized projects. To realize this vision, Builder DAO is committed to providing comprehensive support to DAO builders and communities. We intend to develop and offer a range of tools, resources, and educational materials that empower individuals to establish and operate DAOs effectively. Furthermore, we aim to facilitate DAO incubation initiatives to nurture promising projects, enabling them to kickstart their initiatives and catalyze the growth of the ecosystem. Through these efforts, we aim to foster an environment where creativity, collaboration, and innovation thrive within the Builder DAO community.

By pursuing this mission and vision, we aspire to democratize decision-making, foster global participation, and drive the adoption of decentralized governance models. Together with the onchain community, we intend to build a sustainable and inclusive future powered by DAOs.


Transparency, Mutual Respect, Accountability, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Nouns Builder strives to build a community that is welcoming to all and to create an environment that is conducive to collaboration. Some welcome behaviors include being proactive, engaged, communicating in a collaborative manner, engaging in good faith, leading with empathy, and accepting constructive feedback with grace. Unacceptable behaviors include ad hominem attacks.

North star check: This proposal clarifies the mission of Builder DAO by ratifying the mission, vision, and values statement. It further solidifies the commitment to creating DAO infrastructure as a public good and supporting the Builder DAO ecosystem.

Accountability: Ultimately it will be up to each DAO member of the community to view future governance proposals in the context of furthering the Mission, Vision, and Values of Nouns Builder. The MVV statement provides a north star that may govern the direction and decision making of the DAO.

Treasury Impact: No treasury funds are being requested for this proposal.

Timeline: The ratification process will commence immediately upon approval and is expected to be completed within two weeks.

Success Metrics: Success for this proposal would be the successful ratification of the Mission/Vision/Values statement and the alignment of the Builder DAO community around these principles. This will be measured by the widespread acceptance and adoption of the statement within the DAO.

Treasury Impact: No funds are being requested for this proposal.

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