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Fund Warpy Open source Farcaster datasets
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Apr, 4, 2023
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[Submitter's note: @billzh here. @pixel is not a Purple member (yet), so I'm submitting this proposal on his behalf. I think this open-source project, if properly delivered, will significantly lower the barrier of data querying on FC network. I would personally use it.

An early version of the proposal has also garnered 7 upvotes in a heat check on Purple's Discord]

Hi everyone, @pixel from Farcaster. I'm currently building Warpy: open-source, cc0 Farcaster datasets.

The goal: run two Python commands to have all historical Farcaster data. Useful if one wants to do research about Farcaster. Here's what I've done: Anyone can just run python to get all Farcaster datasets (~500k casts, ~10k users, more will be added).

I've also plugged ChatGPT into these datasets, so anyone can do things like "give me one random cast from user dwr" or "show me total cast and reactions last week" and it'll spit out the answer. Really handy for those who dislike SQL (who doens't?).

The current state of the repo is very barebones. Roadmap: add Eth transactions data, add reactions data, have some kind of server so data freshness can be automated, data and schema versioning, and of course, plugging GPT-4 to it when it's available. Estimate: ~1mo to do all these.

Current purple treasury: 42E, I'm asking for 3E. There are small server expenses I need to pay here and there, but mostly it'll be used to buy pizza, diet coke, and ChatGPT subscription.

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