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Private Destruction Kit 001 REVISED
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Jan, 17, 2023
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Dannydiamonds.eth | @dannydiamondss (Proposal Lead)

  • Has been contributing to the outward facing branding and graphics of Public Assembly since before the onchain DAO launch
  • Has experience as a graphic designer and a growing portfolio for onchain media

Jawn.eth | @jawndiegoreyes

  • Core team member @ Felt Zine
  • Multidisciplinary visual artist 
  • Insane portfolio of multimedia NFT projects, including algo lite

Tranqui.eth | @0xTranqui


The goal of this project is to explore what it looks like to recenter the core Public Assembly imagery away from the Zorb while simultaneously inviting others to join in on the experiment. The final deliverables will not be an endpoint, but rather a starting place from which further expansion is encouraged. To quote jawn.eth “what is the intermediary shape a Zorb takes before it actualizes into a new form?”

All output will be open-sourced and templatized, providing a framework for future explorations. Also a great opportunity to activate + align multiple DAO members that haven’t worked together before.


Danny has already published initial takes on PA governance token remixes which received a positive response. The graphics shown below are just examples of what the forked imagery could look like after users interact with our proposed interface. TO BE CLEAR, the final deliverable will not just be a set of visual assets, but also an interactive interface with accompanying templates/docs that facilitate new iterations of the Zorb.

This interactive project will let the user customize and mint a unique Zorb remix combination of their choosing (60,466,176 different possible combinations). See below for an early mock of the interface.

This project will also serve as a soft launch for Private Destruction -- an alternative direction for PA branding, curation, and more. Permissionless spinoffs are a key component of headless brands, and we hope to set a precedent that this behavior will be celebrated moving forward. Click here to see the recently launched Private Destruction homepage, which contains additional explanations of the ideas behind PD.

The remainder of the work will commence on Monday Jan 23rd following the approval (TBD) of the proposal.

Funding Details

If the proposal passes, 1.8 ETH will be transferred in 0.6 ETH increments to the following addresses:

*Funds sent to the privatedestruction.eth multisig (of which Danny + 0xTranqui are the signers) will be held until they are transferred to a developer (TBD) who will be brought on to complete the minting experience. 0xTranqui will oversee the recruitment of the developer for this project.

Funds recipients of the NFT collection (to be deployed from the DAO via a second proposal following the finalization of the project) will be set to a split contract with the rough following breakdown (open to feedback on what these values should be when it comes time for the second proposal):

  • 25% Danny
  • 25% Jawn
  • 20% TBD Developer
  • 10% Tranqui.eth
  • 20% Public Assembly


  • Interactive experience that invites anyone to dismantle our foundational iconography
  • Creation of up to 36 options for 5 different Layers (60mil+ variations)
  • Accompanying templates/docs detailing how to use + fork the product
Proposed Transactions