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Builder DAO Hosted By Fridays at The Park at FWB Fest 2023
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May, 24, 2023
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The Park intends to collaborate with Builder to create onchain artifacts and content highlighting the incredible humans and missions behind Builder DAOs. To that end, we will film a series of conversations amongst prominent creators in the builder community to help make the value of Builder legible to the wider Web3 community attending FWB Fest. These sessions will yield two assets; a video of the creative process & surrounding conversations as well as a song written by the creatives in attendance. Both of these will be minted onchain via droposal with a split of resulting revenue between The Park & Builder DAO & FWB


There is a deficit of content promoting Builder DAO & the works of partner DAOs. Fridays at The Park has been effectively demonstrating the utility of the Builder format to create weekly songs, conversations, videos and artifacts onchain. This has yielded a great community vibe that provides context and education around the Nouns Builder tool. We’ve been minting weekly outputs onchain from our Builder DAO and are a highly visible music community actively utilizing the Builder tool. We have experience cultivating large events and generating meaningful conversations and moments that effectively onboard creatives into the Builder ecosystem.

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To watch full videos of minted episodes, see links below:

  1. Fridays at The Park with TOBi

  2. Fridays at The Park with Chloe Angelides, Syd B, and Haleek Maul

  3. Fridays at The Park with Vérité


We are asking for 33.69 ETH to help The Park do what it does best; create music in a fun, conversational environment with some of Web3’s strongest talent. By bringing our DAO to FWB Fest we are proliferating the meme and proliferating the format by generating community & conversation around our practice. DAO to DAO

North Star

  • Supporting music and arts as public goods,

  • Highlighting onchain processes that further evangelize Nounish process.

  • Create opportunities for collaboration and engagement for the Builder DAO community

  • Inspire people to join and create their own Builder DAO


  • Funds for travel, speaking fees, equipment, the session, housing, food for all

  • Google sheet of working budget linked HERE

Treasury Impact

  • 33.69 ETH to The Park DAO Builder Treasury

  • 4.716 % of treasury


Zora has partnered with the Park to support their recording sessions at Valentine Studio in LA. The Park is looking for support from the builder community to help bring this tool to a wider audience at FWB Fest and beyond.

Authors: Derek Taylor + The Park, Derek is one of the Founders of The Park DAO

Run of Show: ⌐◨-◨ Fridays at The Park Fwb Fest ⌐◨-◨

In the Recording Studio + Tacos Outside

11am - 6pm coffee, conversations, creations, curations, cuties

11am - 12pm lil nouns coffee cupping, future tape music nft dj set / selections

12 - 2pm Nouns Builder Lunch Talk

  • Nouns Builder DAO Jacob Horne, Dee

  • Zora Zine - Yana Sosna

  • The Homies DAO - Iman Europe

  • Purple - Chris Carella

  • Public Assembly - Valcoholics

  • Portion Club - Studio Dad, Ricky Lake


  • Entropy


2-6pm Song Creation

  • Chloe Angelides

  • Iman Europe

  • Special Guest (something magical)

6-7pm Host a cocktail hour (zero proof spirit sponsor)

Two artifacts delivered by the following Friday August 11, 2023.

1 Song and 1 Video in the format of Fridays at The Park

Musicians & Producers

  • Josh Lippi

  • Tim Anderson

  • Ben Schwier

  • Derek Taylor

Film: Ryan Kontra

Sound Engineer: Maddi St John

ETH Engineer: Ariel Klevecz


Nouns Builder, Nouns Builder DAOS


  • Fridays at The Park Video

  • Social Assets for Builder

  • Song

  • DROPOSAL: video and song will be minted onchain via droposal with a split of resulting revenue between The Park & Builder DAO & FWB

  • Content Reach: 1M+ viewers across participants’ active social platforms

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Thank you Builders ⌐◨-◨ Happy Friday ⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ

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