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Dec, 6, 2022
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Prop House Funding

We want to immediately fund the first batch of Prop House rounds that focus on expanding the quality and density of the Nouns Builder ecosystem.


  1. Increase the number of high quality DAOs that are created using the tool 
  2. Increase the number of independent clients
  3. Increase awareness and understanding of Nouns Builder
  4. Experiment and understand the full capabilities (and limitations) of Prop House

We are proposing 270 ETH in funding that will be allocated over the following proposed rounds.


DAO Incubator

A round format that incentivizes the creation of novel and high quality DAOs using the Nouns Builder tool. Proposers can put forward DAOs that they intend to launch, with the winners receiving ETH to seed directly to the DAO once created and operational.

Proposed budget:

Art Packs

A round format format that will award the best art packs for DAO creators. Art packs are templates that make it easier for DAO creators to launch their DAO with beautiful, fun and unique art from day 1.

All art packs that are created are CC0. They can be nounish in aesthetic or entirely new creative universes, it's up to you!

You can present the packs as you see fit. Ideally they are easily remixable in tools like Figma, Photoshop etc and exportable into the required file structure to launch a DAO. Bonus points if they come with a tutorial and style guide to get the most out of it.

Proposed budget:

Mandate 1: Custom DAO Websites

A mandated round that will reward the best proposals to create easy to deploy custom websites for any DAO created using Nouns Builder.

One path is to utilize the existing Nouns website and retrofit it to work with the Nouns Builder Contracts. 

The website should be:

  1. Easy to customize styling 
  2. Easy to deploy to Vercel
  3. Well documented 

Proposals that take alternative directions on implementation and feature sets will be considered.

Proposed budget:

Meme & Marketing 

A round format that rewards the creation of high quality memes, art remixes and educational content. Proposers can put forward completed works as their submissions.

Proposed budget:

Ideas are Valuable

An experimental Prop House round format that will award the top three proposals for simply providing the best ideas for any builders, creators and artists in the ecosystem to pick up and run with. No delivery is expected other than the idea itself. We encourage submissions to experiment with different modes of presentation for the idea itself: ranging from videos, to websites, to figma files to whatever you can imagine.

We also encourage all proposal submitters to mint their ideas as edition NFTs, capturing the timestamp and provenance—this would mean in the case an idea is forked in the future or retroactively deemed to be better than it was at the time of creation, the NFTs will be able to capture that value.

Proposed budget:


Note: there will be a gap between the second and third rounds as it will be the holiday break. The DAO will also be tracking the performance of rounds as they’re carried out and will make changes and updates as required.

Multisig signers:

  • toadyhawk.eth 
  • ripe0x.eth
  • zora.eth
  • mrtn.eth
  • joshuafisher.eth

Multisig address:


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