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Flexible DAO Interfaces
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Jan, 7, 2023
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Flexible DAO interfaces to bridge the gap between the Nouns model and the rest of the world.

What we're building

Our team has started building a template designed to help DAOs embrace their unique identities. Public Assembly and Entropy have begun utilizing these components in their own websites.

This full proposed build includes:

  • Auction interface complete with token and bid history
  • Proposal explorer with filtering and voting functionality
  • Customizable layouts configurable through an on—chain theming registry
  • Engaging designs that translate well to mobile experience
  • Onboarding documentation for further customization of our codebase. Check out the Neosound docs and visit our Discourse for a taste of how we engage our growing community!

Click here to see a preview of the functionality we’ve created so far.

Custom themes & styling

Onchain storage of theming variables makes it easy to port brand identity across platforms and provides no-code customization options to everyone— inspiring a diversity of organizations to come onchain via Nouns Builder <3

How we build

Protocol & frontend code is distributed via npm packages which can then be composed into forkable web apps. Like a modular synthesizer — our templates are the sum of discrete components designed to work together both functionally and visually. A positive side effect is that we ship packages that teams can integrate as they see fit into their existing applications.

Who's building

Our team, ff89de.eth are the founders of Public Assembly. We are a group of developers, designers & educators who have recently built an open curation protocol, an onchain modular music player, and now operate as an organization created via Nouns Builder.

Public Assembly GitHub

Valerie: Educator & Documentation

Neesh: Designer— has worked w/ Rabbithole, Refraction, Songcamp— built

Joey : Designer at Zora

Max: Engineer—Dev Rel at Zora

Salief: Engineer—

Dain: Product Engineer at Zora—


Proposal Deliverables (4 weeks)

We will conduct a four week sprint to complete the work described in this proposal.

Continued Development 

We plan to submit a follow-up proposal for continued development to add:


“As an open source PTP technology, DAOs lend themselves to templating and revision by other groups trying to find similar answers. As the code bases for the suites of smart contracts that DAOs are made of grow and are made available for scrutiny and adaptation, other DAO builders can learn from or reuse existing pieces of code, making changes, and reconfiguring elements for their own contexts. DAOs offer both the tools and the practical philosophical context for people to test their own critical faculties, their own agendas, and to practice collective decision-making in hybrid online/onlife communal spaces” (Catlow, Ruth, and Penny Rafferty. Radical Friends: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the Arts, 2022.)


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